Why use a health & safety consultancy?

We all manage risks in different ways, but for businesses it’s essential that you know what might cause harm to people and whether you are doing enough to avoid injury.

Ensuring that your business meets all of the health and safety at work regulations means that you need to appoint a competent person to assess your company’s potential risks.

That sounds a bit heavy, a serious topic that could be visited another day – maybe?

Definitely not!

You know your business inside out, and keeping on top of safety issues, fire hazards and access/exit points is probably something you do without thinking.

It’s often second nature – because you know that safety matters.

Involve your employees and you’re on the right lines, as you must engage them as part of the risk assessment process.

That’s natural; looking after them and your visiting customers has to be your top priority.

But who does the risk assessment?

Putting together a proper plan that identifies risks and offers effective solutions is a legal requirement. If you have five or more employees, then you must also record this in your company documents.

Like many aspects of running your business, with a little research, time spent on the Internet, reading up and maybe attending a few courses, you would probably quite rightly describe yourself as a competent person.

The big question is whether you really should be spreading yourself so thin, being hands-on in each and every aspect of the business.

It’s possible, but WOW that takes some doing.

The most sensible approach to health and safety at work is to call in the experts, people who
make it their business to ensure that you are compliant with the relevant legislation.

Ideally, you too will be involved, but as an observer, listening and learning alongside your employees.

That way you ensure that all bases are covered, there’s real peace of mind, and a thorough report will be prepared on your behalf.

And let’s be clear – there are legal implications if you don’t get the H&S risk assessment spot on, and properly documented.

You – the owner – are ultimately responsible if things go wrong.

However, your directors, managers and supervisors also deserve to be fully covered. They can also be prosecuted if there are breaches, and risks have not been properly managed. And let’s not discuss the worst case scenario – but accidents do happen and can lead to serious injury!

Then there is the financial penalty, something that can ruin individual lives and put severe pressure on businesses. Don’t let it get to that.

The message is clear: don’t cut corners, take chances or assume that every aspect of health and safety management has been properly covered.

We can offer you affordable solutions.

Rhino Safety assess businesses and organisations every day. We are specialists; and we are certainly competent people who can offer the best possible advice and ongoing support.

We can help you put the right systems and procedures in place that let you concentrate on running your business…

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